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About Us

Original Gourmet Food Company, based in Salem, New Hampshire, has been innovating in the sweets and snacks industry since 1994. The development and consumer response to the 31 gram gravity deposited “World’s Best Lollipop”, launched the company into Mass Retailers, Department Stores, Grocery, Specialty Shops and continues to grow every day. Retailers report that these remarkable pops are a TOP FIVE front end SKU wherever they are placed. Often reported as being the number one front end item.

In addition to extremely lucrative Lollipop lines, Original Gourmet Food Company produces and distributes many other successful offerings for every day and seasonal needs in North America and Europe, expanding soon into other regions of the globe as well.
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Mission Statement

“To inspire smiles in our consumers by sparking memories through our offering of quality, innovative gourmet products.”

Vision Statement

“The vision of Original Gourmet Food Company is to be the global category leader in gourmet quality products, offered at a value which we deliver exceptional revenues for partners; on time, on plan, on schedule.”